Ardal Consulting provides professional services and is focused on improving with excellence, the development of our clients' business through different ways of acting. Our greatest asset is our human capital, capable of responding according to the needs of each client and based on developed solutions for each of the realities in which we are involved. Our company aims to convey to its customers, through the provision of professional services, simplicity and sincerity at all times. Through the daily dedication of its partners, this basic philosophy finds application in the daily work of brand care. The deal with the client is completely personalized and carried out on a personalized customer service basis at every moment, paying special attention to each of the problems identified with them.

Ardal Consulting seeks clients to whom it can contribute new visions and opinions on the professionalized management of its companies, contributing as a main value to its global vision and experience in the management of companies from different sectors of the company. the pymes. Through two lines of action, the firm is dedicated both to Business Restructuring Processes and to SME Business Development activities, with direct involvement in the Management Processes of its subsidiaries. Clients, Interim and Export Management. The three different service lines contemplate advice in the areas of Strategy Operations, Financial Services and Commercial Services Marketing.