SIAL Group is a business conglomerate formed by such reputable and professional businesses as Finca Ardal, Fureva, Ardal Requena, Artidas Expansión, Columbarios Parroquiales, Network Security, Outcomm and Quality Brokers, that work on different ambits as agricultural holding, funeral services, professional consulting for SMEs or the insurance brokerage. SIAL Group arises from more than 100 years of experience in economic activities by the Simarro Alcázar family, molded under the highest standards of quality, professionalism, closeness, transparency and reliability to provide a business area to serve as an example and spearhead of modernity and progress, both for our customers and for the business sector.

The best symbol of our values as a company are our own economic activities: Finca Ardal, our wine cellar and sale service, represents the importance of the union between progress and tradition. Fureva S.L. and Columbarios Parroquiales, Our funeral services companies represent our desire to renew and innovate using all the experience with which a group like ours. Artidas Expansión is our way of trying to reach a better reality than the previous one. Ardal Consulting S.L., It offers our advisory services for SMEs, symbolizes the closeness and reliability with which we focus all the aspects with which SIAL Group deals day to day. Network Security and Outcomm, our consulting in E-Commerce and IT, are the breakthrough and pointer that pushes us to always be at the forefront of new technologies. Last, Quality Brokers S.L., SIAL Group's insurance brokerage is the best expression of the security and trust that we transmit to our clients and associates.